If you are looking for the original Helios Electronics Company for support, parts or service for your original Helios Consul or you wish to Purchase the re-introduced Helios Type 69 Mic/Pre/EQ.
Perhaps you are seeking advice from a specialist company in the supply of secondhand Vintage Audio Studio Gear, Secondhand Studio Recording Equipment, Valve Audio, or Valve or Vintage Microphones

Then you are on the correct Web-Site

                                   I am looking for pictures of Helios Consuls to place on the
                                 links page,  a link to the studio or person that owns the Helios
                                           would also be nice,  with the owners consent
                           If you would like to check the Picture Pages you might see a consul
                                             that you now own,  please let me know
                                   Any pictures we display, maybe downloaded for interest only,
                                           but must not be used for any promotion or, on any Website
                                             without the written permission of "Helios Electronics Ltd".
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    Update 31/03/2007 = New Pics on Page “More Pics”