Some of the Helios Consuls had differant Mic/Pre EQ’s, so we have placed a
close up picture of the EQ to the Right of the Main Consul
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   Basing Street Studios
             Now with
Jason Carmer (Producer/Engineer)
Do not have any website info
The Manor now with
Daniel Schwartz (Producer/ Engineer)
HeliosCentric Consul Built in 1996 by Helios Electronics Ltd
with all new modules, Frames were original Island & Alvin Lee
   Island Studios Paris
               Picture taken by
     matt moscardo-saurat (Paris)


   Dr Blackwell’s Nice Rack of
       Type 69’s Lustraphones

     I Quote Ape Studios

We don't have to struggle here to make a record's attitude as convincing as the performance, especially when we have an arsenal of vintage recording equipment which includes the Helios mixing console, formerly owned by The Who.  This console was used to record "Tommy" and "Quadrophenia", Supertramps "Crime of the Century" and was also borrowed by Jimmy Page to record the embryonic stages of "Stair Way To Heaven".


Hansa Helios = Clemens Schleiwies  The-Private-Room Bowie & Visconti’s Signatures

Now at The Cantos Music Museum, Photos A&B by David Kean

Town House = Joseph DeMaio Shorefire Recording Studios
10cc’s Strawberry Consul, now with David Kean (Includes 3 Types of Mic-Pre-EQ’s)

The Island Hammersmith Helios is now with  Studio Peter Weihe, guitarist, producer , engineer (Includes Helios 760 Limiters)